BinLevel™ Sensors

Hydrostatic - HRT1

BinLevel™ CM2 Gateway

BinLevel™ Cloud

URT (Ultrasonic Remote Transmitter)

How it works

1. The sensor wakes up periodically (e.g., hourly. Customer defined interval) and transmits tank level information to the local CM2 gateway

2. The CM4 gateway formats the message and transmits to the MQTT broker via 4G cellular
3. The BinLevel™ cloud receives and logs the data for display and generates alerts as configured
4. Users sign-in to the BinLevel™ cloud to access tank level information

BinLevel™ Advantages

Simple installation and setup

One-stop shop for products and services

No software integration required

API interface is available for integration with existing systems

A Low-cost, complete solution for tank monitoring

Mobile phone and desktop access to data anywhere the Internet is available

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The BinLevel solution provides operators with up-to-date tank level information at a glance, both on-site and remotely for centralized management.