The BinLevel solution provides operators with up-to-date tank level information at a glance, both on-site and remotely for centralized management.

Accurate Measurement

Repeatable level measurement for tanks, pools or silos from 2-feet to 30-feet deep

Prominent Visibility

Local display readable from up to 1,000 feet away


Sensor is self-powered with 5-year replaceable battery. Station can be powered by solar (BinLevel Solar/Battery kit) or existing SCADA system.

Ease of Use

Fast and Simple Installation and Operation.


SCADA integration for remote telemetry

How It Works: On Site

The Ultrasonic Remote Transmitter (URT) mounts to tanks through a 2″ -NPT bung.


 The URT measures and wirelessly transmits the level to the station every 5-minutes

Battery is user replaceable with a 5-year life

URT Measure-Transmit interval is adjustable for application requirements’

The station receives, logs and displays tank level information from the URT.


 The station can receive wireless transmissions up to 500’ from the URT

 It can be powered by solar for full autonomy, or by an existing SCADA system

 A ModBus-RTU interface is provided for integration with SCADA systems

How It Works: Off Site

Tank level information is available in real-time to operators.


Field data is available remotely using satellite, cellular or broadband connectivity.
This information can be used to optimize transportation dispatch and/or to monitor field assets

If no SCADA system is available BinLevel can provide affordable remote viewing and alerting through one or more of our partners.

Product Features

URT (Ultrasonic Remote Transmitter)

    • Communicates wirelessly with station up to 500’ away
    • 5-year battery life
    • Easy installation with no setup required
    • Mounts to 2”-NPT bung on top of tank or above pool
    • Accurate and repeatable measurements to 1mm
    • Rugged, weatherproof construction using corrosion-resistant materials


    • Large, bright 19” display readable from a distance
    • Magnetic or screw mount
    • Fast and simple sensor pairing
    • Local RSSI indication to aid station placement
    • Low power operation from 12V source
    • Modbus interface to existing SCADA systems for tank level, battery, and signal levels

DIN Station

    • DIN-rail mount with 20-segment local display
    • Fast and simple sensor pairing
    • Local RSSI indication to optimize placement
    • Low power operation from 5-24VDC
    • Modbus interface to existing SCADA systems for critical levels
      • RS-485 and/or RS-232 Interface through RJ-45 connector

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